Apple to Launch iPhone 13 mini as Planned, Despite Lagging iPhone 12 mini Sales

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 13 Feb 2021

iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 12 mini hasn’t been the best selling iPhone for Apple. Despite the lagging sales, Apple is expected to launch iPhone 13 mini as planned along with the iPhone 13 series later this year, claims a report.

iPhone 12 mini has had a rough start. Sales are lagging behind, to the point where it accounted for only 5% of the iPhones sold in the first half of January 2021. Apple is even slated to cut its production by this April, to sell the current inventory and focus on the production of better selling iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

So, one might think, that Apple would skip its successor, the iPhone 13 mini, due to low sales of the 12 mini and to focus better on other iPhones of the iPhone 13 lineup. But that isn’t the case.

Jon Prosser, a popular Apple leaker and owner of YouTube channel Front Page Tech, has claimed that Apple, indeed, will go ahead with the iPhone 13 mini. In his latest video, he says “What I’ve been told is that there will in fact be an iPhone 13 mini, or 12s mini, whatever Apple ends up calling it.”

There have been multiple reports about the iPhone 13. It is slated to with a ‘significantly improved’ ultrawide camera. Also, the entire iPhone 13 lineup is expected to feature iPhone 12 Pro Max’s ‘sensor shift stabilization’ technology. It is also tipped to come with a ‘vapor chamber’ cooling system. Apple is still thinking about the naming scheme of this year’s iPhone lineup. Some reports claim that Apple won’t launch iPhone 13, ever.

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