iPhone 13 Pro Could be Offered With Up to 1TB Storage

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 29 Jan 2021

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple could end up offering the iPhone 13 series with up to 1TB storage this year. The company has recently tested iPhone 13 Pro prototypes with 1TB storage.

As per leaker Jon Prosser, the 1TB storage option will only be available for the ‘Pro’ iPhone 13 models. This makes sense since 1TB of space would make these variants exorbitantly expensive and a non-Pro user is unlikely to have such a high storage requirement. Apple currently offers the iPhone 12 Pro lineup with 128GB base storage which can be bumped to a maximum of 1TB. It does offer the iPad Pro lineup with 1TB of storage space since many people tend to use their iPad as a laptop replacement.

Prosser also claims that Apple might not be reducing the size of the notch on the iPhone 13 series in the way most have presumed. It is rumored that Apple would reduce the width of the notch on the iPhone 13 series this year. However, recent CAD renderings suggest that the height of the notch could be reduced to make it narrower instead of its width being reduced.


Plenty of information about the iPhone 13 has already leaked since the beginning of this month. Apple is not expected to overhaul its iPhone lineup in a big way this year, with the major upgrades being a 120Hz display, improved performance and 5G connectivity, and more.

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