New Rumor Says iPhone SE 2 Will be Exclusively Manufactured in India

BY Evan Selleck

Published 23 Mar 2018

If the rumor mill is any indication, then there appears to be quite the desire out there for Apple to launch a proper successor to the iPhone SE.

There have been quite a few reports and rumors regarding the unofficial handset, all pointing to a new smartphone with a smaller display, but adopting features like wireless charging and glass-back designs, similar to what Apple brought to market last year with the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. However, while one rumor has suggested Apple might launch the iPhone SE 2 (or whatever they decide to call it) at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, that still doesn’t seem likely.

However, a new rumor published today by Tekz24 (which also suggested the iPhone SE 2 would feature wireless charging back in January) suggests another part of the equation: manufacturing of the new handset. The publication states that Apple is planning on exclusively manufacturing the iPhone SE 2 in India. Apple only recently began local manufacturing within that country last year. And while it’s true that some parts of the current iPhone SE are made in India, it’s certainly not the majority — that still takes place in China.

The report also states that we should not expect to see the new iPhone SE revealed on March 27 — the date that Apple has its “Field Trip” special education event in Chicago, Illinois. Not sure why anyone would assume Apple would launch an iPhone SE 2 at that event, but at least the report is setting expectations.

Our Take

It’s not impossible that Apple will start manufacturing the iPhone SE 2 in India, and it may even be aiming to do it exclusively in that region. But let’s not forget that Apple only set up a manufacturing presence in India last year so that it could work with the country’s government related to import tariffs. Unless the iPhone SE 2 is only going to be sold in India, it doesn’t appear to make much sense to skip the already-present manufacturing presence of the Chinese market to outsource the smaller iPhone model to the rest of the world.

[via Tekz24]