Kuo: Apple Glasses Could Launch in 2022, New 10.8-Inch iPad and 9-Inch iPad Mini Coming in 2020 or 2021

BY Asif Shaik

Published 14 May 2020

AR Glasses

Apple has long been rumored to be working on AR (Augmented Reality) glasses. Now, noted industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that he expects the company to launch Apple Glasses in 2022 at the earliest. He has also mentioned that the Cupertino-based brand would launch newer iPad and iPad Mini models soon.

According to a new note from Ming-Chi Kuo, who has an excellent track record in predicting Apple product launches, the iPhone maker could launch its own version of AR glasses sometime in 2022 or later. Some rumors had claimed that we could see Apple’s AR glasses next year, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anymore.

Separate reports from Taiwanese site DigiTimes and US-based publication The Information have also claimed in the past that we might not see Apple’s glasses before 2022. Rumors say that the company’s AR glasses could be similar to Facebook’s Oculus Quest, but with a sleeker design, lightweight materials, and fabric covering for a more comfortable experience.

Apple glasses are rumored to run a new operating system called rOS (Reality OS) and will be reliant on the iPhone to keep the design of the glasses at a manageable level. The company is also working on head gestures, touch panels, and voice activation for navigation and operation of the AR glasses.

Kuo also claims that Apple will launch a new iPad and a new iPad Mini sometime later this year or in the first half of 2021. The iPad could come with a larger, 10.8-inch touchscreen display, which is larger than the current-generation iPad’s 10.2-inch screen. The iPad Mini will also see its screen size increase from 7.9 inches to 8.5 inches or even 9 inches.

The noted analyst claims that the Cupertino-based firm will follow the 2020 iPhone SE-like strategy for the upcoming iPad and iPad Mini. It means that we could expect affordable price points, older cameras, and existing chipsets.

[Source: MacRumors]