Lost AirTag Can be Read by Android Phones, Play Sound When Separated From Owners

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 21 Apr 2021


At its ‘Spring Loaded’ event, Apple finally announced the AirTags. The company highlighted how one could use AirTags to track items that they frequently lose. Apple, however, did not shed light on a lot of interesting features of the AirTags, including how lost AirTags can be identified by Android devices.

Apple notes in its support document that once an AirTag is put in Lost Mode, any iPhone or Android smartphone can tap on its white side to bring up a notification containing the owner details.

Additionally, any AirTag that has been separated from its registered owner for an extended period of time will automatically play a sound when moved. This way, it will alert anyone near them, so that the lost AirTag and the item it is tracked to can be found.

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If you find any AirTag near you playing a sound, you can tap on its white part from your NFC-capable iPhone or Android device to find the owner’s contact details.

For privacy reasons, if your iPhone detects that an unknown AirTag is moving with you, the Find My app will show a warning. The AirTag features an IP67 design making it dust and water-resistance. They also feature one year of battery life, with a user-replaceable battery.

Apple uses the Find My device network to locate AirTags, even when they are offline and not near their owners. The entire process happens securely and using unique Bluetooth identifiers that change frequently.