How Mac app icons might look in OS X Yosemite

BY Jason

Published 8 Jul 2014

Apple unveiled OS X Yosemite last month with an all-new design, continuing the trend of flat design the company started with iOS 7. We’ve seen a radical shift in icon design from iOS 6 to iOS 7, and we’ll likely see a similar shift when developers start updating their Mac apps for OS X Yosemite.

A number of designers have posted concepts imagining how popular Map app icons would adapt to the new design.

Here’s what flat icons for the iWork suite, Twitter, 1Password and Skype might look like:

flat mac os x yosemite icons

Here’s what the Adobe Creative Suite apps might look like:

adobe cs yosemite icons

Here’s another take on some of the same icons, with the same circular shape but a different design:

os x yosemite mac app icons

The folks at Martian Craft did a great blog post explaining the future of app icon design in OS X Yosemite, showing how the icons could either be a circle, square or a tilted rectangle.

If you want to try out some of these icons, they’re available as a download via Dropbox.

[via MacRumors]