You Can Pair a Maximum of 16 AirTags to a Single Apple ID Account

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 22 Apr 2021

Apple officially announced the AirTag earlier this week. Now, in an interview, an Apple executive has revealed that only a maximum of 16 AirTags can be connected to one Apple ID.

Apple released its much-awaited AirTag this week. AirTag is an object tracking solution from Apple. It’s a small device that lets you keep a track of your important things, like wallets, keys, bags, purses, through the company’s Find My app. It features things like Precision Tracking, Lost Mode, user-replaceable battery, an in-built speaker, and a lot more. Check out the list of the best AirTag features.

Earlier today, Apple revealed that AirTag is not meant to track your pets. Apple says that AirTags are not meant to track pets and kids. Instead, the company compels you to buy Apple Watch for Kids to keep a check on them. Now, in an interview with YouTuber Rene Ritchie, the company’s executive Kaiann Drance has revealed some more information about the product.

Maximum of 16 AirTags Connected to A Single Apple ID Account

Though the $99 four-pack AirTag bundle should suffice most of the users, Apple has still put a limit on the number of AirTags that can be bind to a single Apple account. In the interview, Kaiann Drance reveals that a maximum of 16 AirTags can be linked to one Apple account.

Family Sharing and Low Battery Notification 

In the interview, Kaiann has revealed that AirTags can be linked via Family Sharing. Apple has added this feature so that an AirTag knows that the iPhone it is nearby with belongs to one family member, and it doesn’t trigger the Lost Mode.

AirTag features a standard coin-cell battery that is user-replaceable. Apple says that a battery should last ‘over a year.’ But situations may arise where the battery might die a little earlier than expected, and in that case, AirTag will notify you about the low battery via a notification.

AirTag will be available to order from April 23 with shipping starting on April 30th. Today’s early hands-on and reviews seem to have impressed big publications, and if you buy AirTags, Apple has set a price tag of $29 on the new object tracker and is bundling four AirTags for a price of $99.

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