‘Musish’ is Another Unofficial Apple Music Web Player

BY Evan Selleck

Published 21 Jan 2019

For better or worse, Apple Music lives within iTunes on a computer, but some enterprising folks out there in the wild have opted to create a different experience.

While Apple Music has its own app on iOS devices, that’s not the case for the Windows- and macOS-based computer users out there who are left to use iTunes, whether they like it or not. There are other options out there — even if you do want to keep using Apple Music. For example, a web player for Apple Music launched late last year and that sounded like a pretty solid option.

If that web player didn’t suit your needs for one reason or another, there is now a second option. “Musish” is the creation of software developer Brychan Bennett-Odlum, Raphael Vigee, James Jarvis, and Filip Grebowski. Unlike the other web player, Musish is an all-white affair, definitely aiming to look more like Apple’s official product. Just like that other option, too, Musish will have you log into your Apple Music account via your Apple ID, which is handled via a separate window under the Apple.com domain. Musish will never “request, log, or gain access to user information”, so your data should remain safe even if you use this unofficial alternative.

The team put together Musish because they are heavy Apple Music users, and the creation started at a Hackintosh event not too long ago:

“We are all heavy users of Apple Music, but found listening at work hard as it drained our phones’ battery lives and we didn’t want to set up our Apple IDs on our work laptops.

We started Musish at a hackathon in San Francisco in early December after noticing the APIs Apple provide for the service and realising that it’d be a pretty nifty solution to the problem!”

Everything works in the way you would expect, even if some of the available tabs are trimmed down a bit compared to Apple’s official offering. You can still find the “For You”, “Library”, “Radio”, and “Browse” tabs to look through. And the standard media playback controls are there, too, for when you want to actually listen to something.

You won’t find what your friends are listening to, though, and general friend profiles aren’t available to look at, either.

The team is currently working on several new features coming to Musish, including a dark mode, and compatibility on a mobile device. So while this is a good place to start, it sounds like the web player still has room to grow, which is a good thing. If you’ve been looking for a web player, you can head through the Musish source link below to try it out.

What happens next with Apple Music in the official capacity remains to be seen. There have been rumors that Apple is planning on launching a standalone Apple Music app at some point. And it has even been rumored that Apple could launch a web player for the streaming service at some point in the future as well.

Do you mind using Apple Music in iTunes, or would you prefer a separate app?

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