Photos Show ‘iPad Mini 4s’ With Subtle Design Change

BY Evan Selleck

Published 8 Jan 2019

Word on the street is that Apple is planning on launching a brand new iPad mini at some point this year. And this may be our first look at it.

Or it might just be an unreleased iPad mini shell that will never see the light of day. The tweet that accompanies the images shared today doesn’t actually provide any additional information, other than calling this unofficial device the “iPad mini 4s”, which is obviously not what Apple would call a new iPad mini, but here we are.

The photos appear to show the smaller tablet with the Apple logo in a gold shade, which isn’t too surprising. But the minor design change comes in the antenna design for the cellular-equipped model. The current iPad mini 4 uses a plastic cover to provide network connectivity, rather than the defining antenna lines on other models. If these photos are of the real incoming iPad mini refresh, then it appears Apple will be adopting the antenna lines for the new model.

Otherwise, this looks like a gold iPad mini.

Apple may be shaking up its iPad lineup later this year. The earlier rumors surrounding a new iPad mini, called the “iPad mini 5” at the time, suggested that Apple may be positioning the smaller tablet as its new entry-level device in the family. That would suggest that Apple is planning on making some key changes to the standard iPad, like reducing the bezels, and maybe even hiking that tablet’s price tag at the same time.

If that is the case, it will be interesting to see how a new iPad mini fares in the market. If it’s going to replace the iPad in its price point and positioning as the gateway to the iPad family, then it better have Apple Pencil support at the very least. I’d buy a new iPad mini with updated internals, though. That’s definitely something that would be on my radar.

[via @laobaiTD]