New Mac Pro consumes 68% less power, occupies 82% less volume than previous generation

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 3 Jan 2014


Apple released an environmental report on its New Mac Pro that details the energy and material efficiency for the company’s latest desktop. Not surprisingly, the new Mac Pro blows the previous generation desktop out of the water.According to the report, the new Mac Pro consumes less than half the allowable energy limit required by the ENERGY STAR Program. Apple attributes this efficiency to the company’s use of power efficient components and software that can idle the machine when it is not being used. Even when idle, the new Mac Pro uses 68% less power than the previous generation Mac Pro.


On the materials side, the smaller size of the computer minimizes shipping material and maximizes shipping efficiency. Both the packaging for the machine and the metals used inside are recycling friendly. The enclosure and thermal core are made of aluminum and copper, both of which are desirable to recyclers.

You can read the entire report in PDF format on Apple’s website.