Users getting “OS X Mavericks failed to download” error as Apple’s servers cripple under high load

BY Jason

Published 22 Oct 2013


Apple’s servers getting crippled due to high traffic from a new software release is nothing new. Users faced this error when trying to install iOS 7 on release day, and OS X Mavericks downloads aren’t any different.

OS X Mavericks is a heavy download, weighing 5.29 GB which is understandably creating load issues for Apple’s servers. Moreover, OS X Mavericks is free to download for all Mac users, which means the download volume is much higher than a traditional OS X release, which used to be priced at around $20.

os x mavericks failed download

The error is especially annoying since it restarts the entire download rather than resuming it from the place of interruption.

You as a user can’t do much to solve this problem apart from wait for Apple to add more servers or let traffic subside. We’ll keep you posted about the state of Apple’s servers. Tell us in the comments below if you’ve managed to download and install OS X Mavericks.

Note: If you see that after interruption, the Mac App Store shows OS X Mavericks as downloaded or waiting, quit Mac App Store, go to your Applications folder, and you should see a file named “OS X Mavericks.appdownload”. Double click the file and Mac App Store should open and resume the download.