You Can Now Post on Instagram From Your Mac

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 24 Jun 2021

Last month a report revealed that Instagram users would finally be able to post from the desktop website. Now Instagram has silently rolled out a feature that lets you post from Mac. Weirdly enough, the company has once again chosen to ignore the iPad.

The new feature is already live on the Instagram website, and some can use the functionality. We tried accessing the feature, but it was not available yet. This means Instagram is rolling out the feature in a staggered manner. Furthermore, there is no word on how widely the feature will be available.

Mac users can create new Instagram posts by clicking the + button on the top right corner. Furthermore, if the feature is available for you, then you will see a pop-up that says, “Now you can create and share posts directly from your computer.”

Apple touts the iPad as an alternative to the laptop. The iPadOS is a step towards full-fledged computing. However, Facebook-owned platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp continue to ignore iPad. What’s worse is that the new feature is not available on iPad even via Safari browser. Previously, we presumed that iPad users would be able to use the browser to create Instagram posts. There is no hope as Instagram’s CEO has already told them they are not working on the iPad app anytime soon. Expectedly, iPad users are not happy with the exclusion.

Check out the new Instagram desktop publish a feature in the below screenshots.

Our Take

You might be wondering what is stopping Instagram from developing an iPad app. In an interview last year, Instagram CEO cited the company lacks time and resources to develop an iPad App. He further added that they have been busy working on new features like Direct Messaging and Reels.