Render Imagines How iPhone 13 Mini With Smaller Notch and Redesigned Camera Would Look Like

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 14 Apr 2021

Yesterday, alleged iPhone 13 renders made their way to the internet. The renders showed off a design similar to the iPhone 12 series, but with a smaller notch and a redesigned camera system. Today, Svet Apple has shared new renders that show how the iPhone 13 mini could look like.

Renders shared yesterday gave us the first look at Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 lineup, which is expected to be announced later this year. It showed the smaller notch that every Apple analyst has been talking about. iPhone 13’s notch is expected to be smaller in width than the iPhone 12 series, due to the earpiece moving to the top, but longer in its height.

The most notable change, though, was the change in the design of the camera bump. Unlike iPhone 12’s vertically placed camera sensors, iPhone 13 is expected to feature camera sensors that are stacked in a diagonal manner. The reason for this isn’t known yet, but it might be due to the fact that the next iPhone will feature bigger camera lens with sensor-shift stabilization. Placing the camera diagonally will give them a bit of space.

Svet Apple has shared some real-life renders of the upcoming iPhone lineup, reflecting how the changes would look. Barring the redesigned camera system, the renders give us a first look at the ‘deeper’ notch. The deeper notch is the result of the redesigned earpiece, which will now stick to the top of the TrueDepth camera array, making some room so that the components can be placed tightly.

Svet says that the renders shared are of the iPhone 13 mini. iPhone 13 mini might be the last mini iPhone from Apple. Reports shared earlier today claimed that Apple will not launch a 5.4-inch iPhone in 2022.

Do you like the design shown by the renders? What are your thoughts on it? Drop a comment and let us know!

[Via Svet Apple]