Rumor: iPadOS May Feature Floating Window for Apps

BY Anu Joy

Published 16 Mar 2022


Apple has been steadily making improvements to iPadOS to make it great at multitasking. With iPadOS 15, it introduced a handy Quick Notes feature to quickly let you take notes from anywhere in the OS. Now, a new rumor suggests that the Cupertino company is working on a new feature for iPadOS that will reportedly detect when a keyboard is connected and transform your app windows from full screen to floating windows.

iPad apps have always launched in full screen, ever since its debut in 2010 — it also supports Split View to aid multitasking. According to tipster Majin Bu, Apple is working on offering iPad users more options for app and screen management. This new system is internally known as “Apple Mixer” and will allow apps to open in full screen, but they will shrink automatically when a keyboard or trackpad is connected to the iPad.

This feature will reportedly be exclusively available on the M1 iPad. It’s unclear whether it will be included in iPadOS 16, which is expected to debut at WWDC this year. Previously, Bu shared the first hands-on video of the new green iPhone 13, and also leaked iPhone cases before Apple’s Peek Performance event last week.

With Universal Control rolling out to iPad And Mac, Apple appears to be working on bridging the gap between the two devices. Enabling the feature on your iPad and Mac will let you use the same Macbook cursor and keyboard on a nearby iPad. If the latest rumor proves to be true, the new feature could enhance the multitasking capability of the iPad.