Snapchat Bitmoji Are Now Animated and 3D

BY Evan Selleck

Published 14 Sep 2017

Bitmoji have become a popular element of the Snapchat app, allowing people to express themselves in avatar form on the ephemeral messaging platform.

And now they are getting a pretty sizable upgrade. As reported by The Verge, Snapchat’s Bitmoji are now three-dimensional and animated. Users will be able to send their Bitmoji, the avatar they (probably) built to represent them in digital fashion, into the real world by projecting the animated cartoon. Once it is on the screen, Snapchat users can then have the Bitmoji interact with a variety of things, like drinking tea, riding a skateboard, or even do yoga.

After creating a Bitmoji, users will be able to post them into their own Snapchat Stories, or send them directly to their friends list on the social network.

The new feature is tied to Snapchat’s World Lenses feature, which it launched not too long ago, which have grown in popularity ever since their debut.

To get the new animated Bitmoji feature going, users need to launch the app, access the rear-facing Snapchat camera, and then bring up the lenses menu. From there, the new Bitmoji feature will be listed right alongside the World Lenses and face lenses. You can select the Bitmoji you want to use, drag it onto the screen to place it in the world, and then resize as you see fit. Snap does note that some of the Bitmoji animations are longer than the 10-second Snap clips, so be aware which part of the animation you want to share.

Snap also confirmed that the animated and 3D Bitmoji are rolling out to all Snap users globally for iOS, and that Android users will get the feature “soon.”

[via The Verge]