Snapchat Working On AR Spectacles, Could be Announced in May

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 31 Mar 2021

Snap is working on a new pair of its smart glasses — Spectacles — with AR capabilities. While Snap has launched multiple versions of its Spectacles glasses for consumers so far, the company does not intend to launch its smart glasses with AR capabilities to the public. Instead, the AR glasses will be aimed at developers and creators.

Snap is hoping that developers and creators would be able to come up with more unique software experiences, which would eventually allow the company to offer the AR glasses to regular consumers. The AR-version of Spectacles will be able to superimpose Snapchat’s lenses and other effects on people and objects around them. The glasses will feature two cameras for recording videos, similar to the existing version of the Spectacles. There will also be an option to share the recorded video on Snapchat.

Snap could unveil the new AR glasses at its developer conference in May. The company could very well beat Apple in announcing its AR glasses. The latter is also working on AR glasses and there’s a possibility that they could be teased or demoed at Apple’s yearly developer conference. WWDC 2021 is scheduled to be held from June 7-11 this year.

Quite a bit of information about Apple’s AR glasses has leaked in recent months. The company is planning to launch an AR headset first, which will be aimed at developers and help them create AR-related content.

Apple will reportedly launch its AR headset in 2022 and then follow it up with a sleek pair of AR glasses in 2023. Apple is trying to keep the weight of the headset in check and plans to use a fabric exterior for this. The headset will also have a display that will be ideal for 3D gaming, watching videos, and AR communication.

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