Some iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Users Plagued with Pink Screen Issues

BY Anu Joy

Published 24 Jan 2022

iPhone 13 Pink Screen

Some iPhone 13 users have been complaining about a mysterious pink screen issue, causing the screen to turn pink for a few seconds and crashing randomly afterwards. The bug was first reported in October last year on Apple’s community forum, with Apple later admitting that it’s a software bug.

Many iPhone 13 users plagued by the issue aired their complaints on Reddit and Apple’s discussion forum. The earliest report dates back to October last year, just after the iPhone 13 was launched. Some complained that their displays turned pink and froze, following which it would restart by itself. Others complained that the device would stop working entirely. Some users were able to get their devices replaced. However, others weren’t as fortunate, with Apple claiming that it’s just a software bug.

Chinese blog My Drivers reported that most of the complaints originated from China. Apple made a statement on Weibo stating that they haven’t found any issues with the hardware components of the devices. Furthermore, the iPhone maker has advised users to take a backup of their iPhones and get the latest update. The company said that all apps need to be updated to the latest version to “rule out the incompatibility between the app version and the iOS version.”

However, iOS 15.3 does not seem to mention a bug fix for the pink screen issue. So, it’s unclear whether getting the latest update will fix the problem. Some iPhone users have tried out other methods such as resetting their phones, which appears to fix the issue. Others noted that getting in touch with Apple Support for a replacement also seems to help.

Have you experience the pink screen bug on your iPhone 13? If yes, did any of these methods work for you? Let us know in the comments!

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