Spotify iOS App Reveals ‘Car Thing’ and Paid Podcast Subscriptions

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 2 Apr 2021

Spotify was rumored to be working on hardware called “Car Thing” in 2019. Two years later, most of us have forgotten about it, but it seems like Spotify is still working on it. Spotify did announce Car Thing, but they didn’t reveal much. Now MacRumors has spotted images of Car Thing in the Spotify App Code.

The Car Thing was previously spotted on FCC filings, and now we get to see detailed images. It looks like the latest image is an improvement over the previous Car Thing. The previous design featured a knob-like circular display alongside a side panel. In the latest image, you can see a larger rectangular display with a large control knob. Also visible is a small button on the periphery of the control knob.

The actual functionality of the control knob and the small button is not known. We can’t help but imagine an iPod classic like a trackpad on Car Thing. Spotify describes the Car Thing as a “voice-controlled accessory for phone/Spotify App with supporting display and buttons in the FCC filing.” It could be powered by a 12V outlet and connect to your device via Bluetooth.

Interestingly the app also contains photos of different mounts. This implies that the Car Thing will be mounted on a dashboard or perhaps even on an AC vent. Like GoPro, the mounts could be sold as accessories. Spotify could potentially partner with other apps and support them as well. Initially, Spotify labeled the Car Thing as a test device. Now it looks like it will see a launch.

The Spotify app also contains code for paid subscriptions for podcasts. We could soon get to see a paid version of Spotify Podcast. Lastly, the company is also working on a feature wherein users can leave a comment on a Podcast.

[via MacRumors]