Spotify for iPhone Gets Podcast Timestamp Sharing, Redesigned Social Sharing, and More

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 10 May 2021

Spotify has announced new social sharing features for the iOS app. The music streaming app now lets you share timestamped podcasts, new video-art showcases, and a revamped sharing menu. All the features will help you share on Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Podcast Timestamp Sharing

Sometimes we want to share only a certain segment/part of a podcast on social media and with friends. Spotify’s new timestamp sharing feature will let you share an interesting and relevant part of podcast. In other words, your friends can directly tune in to the most important part of the podcast while skipping the rest.

Spotify users can share podcasts while listening to the episode. All you need to do is tap on the “Share” button. Next up, you can select the part of the podcast you want to share. Once the receiver clicks on the link, it will directly take them to the selected part.

Spotify Canvas

Spotify’s Canvas feature allows creators to add visual art instead of static song pages. On the other hand, listeners will view artists behind-the-scenes clips or some unique aspect of the songs. Spotify is now extending Canvas to more platforms, including Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

Redesigned sharing menu

Spotify has updated its social media sharing menu with new designs and functionality. Starting now, you will be able to preview Canvas before sharing on Instagram Stories or Snapchat. The preview will help you get a better idea of how the Canvas would look. Furthermore, messaging and social media options will now be available in the form of an “easy-to-view” grid.

Spotify’s survey reveals that 40% of music discovery is done via social channels. The app intends to amplify the effect of music discovery by offering new social media sharing features. Spotify seems to be on a design overhaul spree. Only recently, it added a redesigned ‘Your Library’ feature consisting of dynamic filters and also a grid view.

[via Spotify]