T-Mobile Denied Trade-In Against iPhone 13 Purchase? Contact Support

BY Anu Joy

Published 30 Nov 2021

Just this month, Bloomberg correspondent Mark Gurman reported that Apple Watch’s $100 rebate program was not being honored by carriers. Now, he has highlighted that T-Mobile trade-ins against iPhone 13 purchases are also being denied.

T-Mobile offered trade-in values of upto $800 on older iPhone models for the purchase of an iPhone 13. But there is a caveat to this, you need to subscribe to its top Magenta Max unlimited plan and buy directly from them. However, Gurman was in for a rude shock when he applied for the same — he was denied the trade-in. Many other T-Mobile customers came forward to report that they were also denied trade-in credits. Reddit users also voiced similar complaints.

Other carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and Xfinity Mobile also offered trade-in deals towards the purchase of an iPhone 13. It isn’t clear whether these carriers have honored their respective deals or not.

However, today, Gurman posted a happy update to the trade-in saga.

He encouraged disgruntled users to reach out to T-Mobile again to resolve their trade-in issues. The carrier, in turn, replied to users in the thread and offered prompt support.

A few weeks back we reported a similar incident wherein Apple advertised that T-Mobile customers were eligible for a $100 rebate on the Apple Watch Series 7. However, some users reported that they were denied the rebate.

Our Take

It appears that T-Mobile wants to increase its subscriber base by offering tempting deals such as the $100 Apple Watch rebate and the $800 iPhone trade-in. However, the carrier is making the process of redeeming credits extremely convoluted and sometimes downright impossible. T-Mobile is offering to “make things right”, but it comes at the cost of wasting your precious time, by having to deal with the hassles of customer support.