These Photos Won Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ Macro Challenge

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 13 Apr 2022

Take a macro photo on iPhone 13

In January this year, Apple announced the latest iteration of the “Shot on iPhone” challenge. It called upon iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max users to share the best photos they snapped using the Macro mode. Now, the winners and their breathtaking entries have been announced.

Apple usually uses the Shot on iPhone campaign to highlight the camera capabilities of its smartphones in the hands of the average user. This running of the contest was no different. Apple said:

“The iPhone 13 Pro lineup features the most advanced camera system ever in an iPhone, and for the first time, users can capture sharp, stunning macro images on the device they carry with them wherever they go — opening up a photographic technique previously reserved for those with specialized camera equipment, to even more people.”

“The winning images demonstrate that the beauty of macro photography is its ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and capture the little things in a big way. Photos include incredible nature shots that might be overlooked by the naked eye, like dewdrops on a spiderweb, snowflakes on a dog’s hair, a cavernous hibiscus flower, and a strawberry engulfed in tiny soda water bubbles.”

The macro photography genre is synonymous with photographs of plants, flowers, and smaller insects. This is evident in Apple’s challenge winners since six of the ten winning entries are nature-themed. In Apple’s press release, each photo is accompanied by a note from the photographer and the contest judges explaining the photograph’s beauty. Here are some of the winning entries.

As a photography enthusiast myself, my favorite among the winning entries was “Honeycomb” by Tom Reeves. The shot would have been somewhat challenging given how easily hair and snowflakes move with the slightest breeze. The picture shows the robust autofocus technology used on the iPhone 13 Pro models.

Shot on iPhone Tom Reeves

“Honeycomb” by Tom Reeves

You may have missed the competition, but you can still hone your macro photography skill. To get started, check out our detailed guide on how to click macro photos using the iPhone 13 series.  You can also try your hand at clicking macro shots using an older iPhone.

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