Report: TSMC Starts A15 Bionic Chip Production for iPhone 13

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 26 May 2021

A15 Bionic Chip Apple

TSMC has reportedly started the production of Apple’s next-generation A15 Bionic chip. Apple’s A15 processor is expected to debut with the iPhone 13 series which is on track for the standard fall release in September 2021.

Digitimes, shared a snippet of the story today saying that TSMC has started the production of the A15 Bionic chip for iPhone 13. According to previous reports, Apple is sticking to the 5nm fabrication process for its next-generation chipset. Apple’s A14 Bionic was the first ‘commercially’ produced 5nm chip, which used in the widely popular iPad Air and iPhone 12 lineup.

With the worldwide chip shortage in place, it was expected that the iPhone 13 lineup would be delayed. But, according to the reports, TSMC has achieved an ‘enhanced fabrication process’ that would likely ramp up the chip’s production, keeping the iPhone 13’s schedule on track.

Apple’s custom silicon chipsets have always been one step ahead of the competition. A14 Bionic easily beat Snapdragon’s latest Qualcomm 888 chipset. The custom Silicon has now been transferred to the Mac, and the custom chips are also able to handle its performance pretty well. Apple’s M1 Macs are a huge hit, and the customers using them have already forgotten about the Intel counterparts.

Coming to the iPhone 13, we’ve already heard a lot about Apple’s next-generation smartphone already. iPhone 13 is expected to have faster internals, a better display with a 120Hz refresh rate, and updated cameras. Kuo recently suggested that the top-of-the-line iPhone 13 Pro Max will feature an f/1.5 aperture wide-angle lens. A mockup shared recently detailed iPhone 13’s smaller notch.

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