Video: This Clever Hack Turns AirTag into a Thin Card for Your Wallet

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 7 May 2021

After much fanfare, Apple finally launched the AirTags item tracker. Apple’s Tile Competitor is well priced, and the integration with Find My app is one of its strong points. The puck-shaped AirTag is bulged in the middle and is bulky in some sense.

AirTag lets you track stuff like keys, wallets, bags, and much more. One could definitely use AirTag in a wallet. However, it ends up bulging the wallet, and the bulk is evident. A YouTuber has decided to take matters into his hands. He has torn down the AirTag and rearranged the components so that it turns into a slim card.


The YouTuber Andrew Ngai dismantled an AirTag and horizontally rearranged the hardware. While it looks like a simple DIY, you will require steady hands and a lot of patience. The board and battery on AirTag are vertically stacked. Ngai has dismantled both and placed them next to each other.

I wanted to put an Airtag into my wallet so that I can also track its location, but I found out that the Airtag is quite thick and it will create a bulge in my wallet. So I modified the Airtag and gave it a new body!

Andrew Ngai has 3D printed a custom housing for AirTag. We must agree the “AirTag Card” doesnt look like a hack from any angle. Additionally, it will fit into the wallet without any bulge. We wonder if Apple will ever release AirTag in different form factors. It would be a good idea to check out AirTag teardown before you proceed with this project.

The AirTag Card is a drool-worthy project you can work on this weekend. Thankfully, the YouTuber has posted 3D-printed enclosure details alongside important print parameters. On a related note, item trackers from Tile and other companies are usually flat and fit into a wallet without the bulge.