Weather App Shows Relevant News Information in iOS 16.2

BY Sriansh

Published 4 Nov 2022

Weather App News iOS 16.2 LI

Apple Weather app in iOS 16.2 has reportedly gained News app integration.

Apple revamped the Weather app with iOS 15. While the iOS 16 stable version didn’t bring any new features, the company is adding a handy feature with the iOS 16.2 update. According to multiple reports, the Weather app on iOS 16.2 will show relevant News information below the 10-day forecast section.

Weather × News

For example, a news snippet shows up for Raleigh, North Carolina, conveying a story about hurricanes in the Atlantic. Similarly, there is news about fire season in the San Diego location. In a similar vein, the app links to a Fox Weather story about tornado touchdowns across Alabama and Mississippi over the weekend.

Tapping on the story opens up the full report in the News app. It, however, appears that news information is limited to only a few cities for now. It could be the case that the feature is US-exclusive for now. Furthermore, when there is a weather alert, such as severe rain, the app doesn’t display it.

The Weather app isn’t the first app to receive News integration. The Stocks app also provides you with relevant business news from Apple News. In addition to Weather-News integration, iOS 16.2 will feature an all-new Freeform app and the new Home app with revamped architecture. It will roll out to public next month, i.e., December.

Overall, the feature to show relevant News information inside the Weather seems quite useful. However, we feel like there should be an option to rearrange and customize these data points. 

Via: MacRumors