Which Color iPad Air or iPad mini 5 Should You Buy — Silver, Space Gray or Gold?

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 23 Mar 2019

Which Color iPad air or iPad mini Should You Buy

The 2019 version of iPad Air and iPad mini are now available to order. If you’ve decided that this is the right iPad for you (and there are way too many iPads to consider now), the next thing to decide is the color. Of course, picking a color is a very subjective choice. But let us walk you through which color iPad should you buy. You have three options here – Silver, Space Gray or Gold.

Which Color iPad Air or iPad mini 5 Should You Buy?

1. Silver

Which Color iPad Air 2019 Should You Buy 1

Here’s the classic color. If you’re buying the iPad as a gift for someone, choose this color as it’s the most neutral. The silver model also has a white front (along with the Gold option). This makes it the perfect choice if you’re mostly going to be reading ebooks or articles on the iPad. The white bezels won’t get in the way. But if you’re planning to watch a lot of videos, I’ll suggest the Space Gray version because it comes with black bezels.

2. Space Gray

Which Color iPad Air 2019 Should You Buy 2

Space Gray version has a dark finish across the entire body. The bezels are also black. Space Gray is the recommended color if you’re planning to get work done on the iPad. The iPad itself will blend away in the background and will let you focus on what’s on the screen – whether it’s a work project, a game or a movie. While the Space Gray won’t discolor as much as the Gold one, it will show scratches and smudges more clearly.

3. Gold

Which Color iPad Air 2019 Should You Buy 1

The Gold option is a bit out there. And Apple’s version is quite gender neutral and dare I say, quite beautiful. If you’re tired of the monotony of the Silver and Space Gray Apple products, the Gold is a very good option. The only thing to consider is that Gold comes with a white faceplate. Just like the Silver version, the coat is light enough to not show damage over time. Gold will also look great paired with a transparent case.

Which Color Did You Choose?

Which Color iPad Air 2019 Should You Buy 5

Which color iPad Air or iPad mini 5 is right for you? For most users, Silver is the safest option. It also makes it easy when it comes to reselling the iPad a couple of years down the line. Share your picks with us in the comments below.