Some Apple Watch owners experiencing issues with the band not locking

BY Evan Selleck

Published 30 Apr 2015


The Apple Watch, while a high-profile and technically advanced product, is still just a first generation device.

As a result, there are bound to be some kinks to work out. While some owners have noticed that having dark-pigmentd tattoos on the wrist can cause issues with the wrist detection feature, a new issue has cropped up for some users. The report was published by MacRumors recently, and cites several instances of Watch owners within the publication’s forums.

For one owner, forum member “Smickers,” has posted a video that showcases an Apple Watch with a faulty locking mechanism for the top part of the band. As Smickers points out, he found out the issue when he took off a long-sleeved piece of apparel and the Watch went sliding across the floor:

So, I took off my jacket Sunday and out of the sleeve comes my SS Apple Watch and drops on the floor and slides for a bit before stopping. Turns out the locking mechanism wasn’t locking the strap,” writes MacRumors forum member Smickers. “On closer inspection it requires a number of tries, pulling and pushing the strap to get it to lock. It’s just the top strap. One scratched casing, with the glass fine.

As mentioned above, this is a first generation product and there are bound to be issues. What really matters is what is done after the fact, after the issues are identified. It is unfortunate that some units are facing this issue, but it does not appear to be widespread.

If you’ve received your Apple Watch, have you experienced any issues? For those who just want to get their wrist underneath a Watch already, it’s been reported by many individuals that their wearable is shipping much faster than originally anticipated.

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