Next-Gen Apple Watch Ultra Could Get a 10-Percent Larger Display

BY Dave Johnson

Published 2 Feb 2023

Larger display

A recent report hints that the next-generation Apple Watch Ultra to be released in 2024 will get a larger 2.1-inch display. 

In September 2022, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Ultra — an entirely new category of a high-end wearable device for exploration. As such, the smartwatch is perfect for athletes, divers, and adventurers. 

Despite being a niche device, the Apple Watch Ultra’s rugged design seems to attract a general audience — and for good reasons. 

The watch comes in a 49mm aerospace grey titanium case with a flat sapphire crystal. It also features a 1.61-inch screen that reaches up to 2,000 nits, making it the biggest and brightest display on an Apple Watch. But it’s about to get even better. 

According to the Taiwanese publication DigiTimes, Apple could launch an Apple Watch Ultra with a 2.1-inch display in 2024. 

The latest report aligns with a claim by Haitong Intl tech research analyst Jeff Pu. Pu suggested that the wearable device could get a 2.1 inches micro-LED display — a slight upgrade over the current 1.92 inches OLED screen.

Now you’re wondering: 

 Does the Apple Watch Ultra Need a Larger Display?

The answer is maybe. Since the Apple Watch Ultra’s screen is already larger than the traditional smartwatch, a bigger display may seem unnecessary. 

However, the device caters to a niche audience — buyers willing to pay extra for a larger form factor. It includes individuals in extreme conditions where that extra screen real estate is critical. So it makes sense that Apple would want to increase the screen size by 10 percent. 

With that said, the Apple Watch Ultra packs more than a large screen and titanium casing. It also promises up to 36 hours of battery life during everyday use, a more precise GPS sensor, and a more advanced microphone scheme. 

It’s currently unclear whether Apple intends to launch a second-generation Apple Watch Ultra in 2023.