Some Apple Watch owners complaining of burns on their wrists

BY Evan Selleck

Published 9 Jul 2015

Apple Watch burn marks

The Apple Watch started shipping out to early buyers at the end of April, and started landing en masse on owners’ doorsteps in the days ahead.

And as more people got their wrists underneath Apple’s wearable, some noticed an issue. Skin irritation was a complaint that quickly popped up, with some reports surfacing at the very beginning of May. Apple would add a “skin irritation” area on its page dedicated for the Apple Watch, noting that some individuals might be “sensitive to certain materials.” However, while skin rashes are one thing, burns are an entirely different matter.

According to a published article from Fusion, which cites several different complaints from Apple Watch owners, the Apple Watch is causing burns to appear on the wrist where the watch is worn. One owner, Paula Cerutti, noted that she felt a burning sensation from under the Watch, where it met her skin, while she was an hour into her regular workout routine. Later that same night, Cerutti noticed “bubbling blisters” where the Watch had been placed on her skin. Moreover, the Watch actually felt hot, too.

I am no skin specialist,” said Cerutti, who works in economic development in Washington, D.C.. “But it burned me.

On Twitter, other Watch owners have offered their own complaints with images of where the Watch had been strapped to their wrist and the burn marks left behind:

The report also cites a story from Andrew Donnelly, who is an iOS developer and lives in the United Kingdom. According to Donnelly, he noticed a burn mark on his skin 10 days ago, and states that it’s either the reaction from sweat on his skin during a workout, or the lights on the back of the Watch not turning off like they’re supposed to. For Donnelly, the mark would eventually clear up, and he admits that he’s not entirely sure it was a burn mark or just a rash. Either way, though, he has since stopped wearing the Watch while he works out.

Have you noticed any skin irritation, or burns, while wearing the Watch?

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