Apple Watch causing skin irritation for some users

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 3 May 2015

Skin irritation from Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is causing skin irritation to some of its owners. The skin irritation is being caused due to allergy to one of the materials from which the Apple Watch band is made out of. 

The Apple Watch Sport, which comes with a fluoroelastomer band, is primarily the one that is causing skin irritation to a handul of its owners.

Apple already mentions on its support page that a “small number of people will experience reactions to certain materials,” which can be caused by environmental factors, allergies and more. It highlights the different materials that might cause an allergic reaction to Apple Watch owners, and suggests them to make sure that the band is neither too tight nor overly loose on their wrist.

Apple Watch owners who have experienced skin irritation due to the watch band should try swapping it for something else that is made from a completely different material.

The issue is not really widespread and for such a personal device, the Apple Watch was bound to cause skin irritation to a handful of its customers who are allergic to certain materials.

Has your Apple Watch caused any skin irritation or triggered any allergy on you wrist?

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