Apple Watch repair guide posted, details battery, screen and more

BY Evan Selleck

Published 1 May 2015

iFixit Apple Watch battery removal

iFixit, not too long ago, managed to tear apart the Apple Watch and find out how the thing ticks, while also measuring its repairability at the same time.

Now, a few days later, iFixit has published its repair guide for the Apple Watch, and outlined in several different areas where the Watch is easier to repair, and notes in other areas where the owner should be extra careful when replacing some parts. The repair guide covers areas like the screen, the battery, the NFC antenna, as well as how to replace the adhesives safely.

Replacing or otherwise fixing the display means the owner will have to disconnect the battery, as well as replacing the disconnected adhesive when the screen is set back into place:

Opening your Apple Watch will destroy the adhesive that keeps it together. Finish every repair by replacing the adhesive and following the reassembly guide shown here.

It’s worth noting that iFixit says that, when it comes to the NFC antenna, simply opening up the Apple Watch has a chance of damaging the component in the process. Meaning, if there’s any other repair that demands the Watch be opened, might mean that replacing the NFC antenna will be necessary as well:

Unfortunately, opening up your Apple Watch may damage the NFC antenna, which also serves as a gasketing seal. The antenna is made up of two layers, glued together. These layers may separate when you open your watch, compromising its seal after reassembly. If this happens, you’ll need to repair or replace your antenna before reassembling your watch.

The full guide is available through the source link below.

[via iFixit]