The colored Apple Watch Sport bands all have different weights

BY Evan Selleck

Published 1 May 2015


If you thought that all of the 38mm Apple Watch Sport bands weighed the same, or that all of the 42mm Sport bands weighed the same, that would be a reasonable assumption. It would also be incorrect.

Matt Gemmell took to Twitter to talk about the weight of the Apple Watch he had received, using data he compiled from Apple’s website regarding the wearable and its variants. And then Dave Mark from The Loop noticed something quite interesting:

Sport strap adds another 37-51g.

While it would be reasonable to think that the 38mm Sport bands would weigh the same from one color to the next, and the same would go for the bigger 42mm Sport bands, that’s actually not the case. Apparently the color of the band actually makes the weight of the strap vary fro the other colors, as Mark lists:

    38mm Apple Watch Sport bands:
  • White band for 38mm Sport weighs 47g.
  • Blue band for 38mm Sport weighs 44g.
  • Green is 43g.
  • Pink is 42g.
  • Black is 37g
    42mm Apple Watch Sport bands:
  • White = 51g.
  • Blue = 48g.
  • Green = 48g.
  • Pink = 46g.
  • Black is 40g.

That’s an interesting spread when one band is compared to the next, and it’s interesting to take such specific note that the color of the band obviously plays a role in its weight upon the wrist. It would be interesting to feel the difference, if there is any difference to feel, when the different straps are put on.

If you have gone into an Apple Store for a Watch try-on appointment, did you notice any difference in the colored bands weight wise?

[via The Loop; @mattgemmell]