Lucky French Customer Gets Their Hands on Mac Studio Days Before Release

BY Anu Joy

Published 16 Mar 2022

Mac Studio

The Mac Studio was announced at the ‘Peek Performance’ event early this month. It is available for pre-order and set to go on sale from March 18. However, one French customer got lucky and was able to get his hands on the machine on March 15, three days ahead of the official release date.

The customer who received the M1 Max Mac Studio shared some images with the French website Mac4Ever showing its front, back, and bottom. The early dispatch appears to be a store error and the publication has kept its name under wraps to protect its identity.

Image Source: Mac4Ever

The report states:

Our reader Simon tells us that he received his machine, a Mac Studio M1 Max, a few days in advance thanks to an error in the store (where he ordered it yesterday!) whose name we will keep silent for reasons you will certainly understand.

Image Source: Mac4Ever

Not the First Retail Slip-Up

Apple generally tries to stop products from shipping ahead of the official launch date, but there’s always a chance of retailers slipping up. Back in May last year, a customer received the M1 iPad Pro a few days before the launch date. Some users also got their AirTags before they were set to launch in April 2021.

The Mac Studio starts from $1,999 for the M1 Max version, whereas the M1 Ultra version will cost you $3,999. The machine is said to be the fastest Mac in Apple’s lineup, when it comes to both CPU and GPU performance. Apple claims the M1 Ultra-powered Mac Studio is up to 60 percent faster than the 28-core Intel Mac Pro, which was backed by recently leaked Geekbench scores.

[Via Mac4Ever]