Gurman: Glucose Monitoring in Apple Watch Not Expected to Arrive Until ‘Second Half of the Decade’

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 10 Jan 2022

Apple Watch Series 7

Contrary to rumors, the Apple Watch Series 7 did not turn out to be a significant upgrade over the Apple Watch Series 6. Rumors now suggest we could see the 2022 Apple Watch Series 8 debut with some new health-tracking features, with Apple also working on glucose and blood pressure monitoring sensors for the wearable. However, if you are expecting these new health sensors to make their way to the Apple Watch in the next couple of years, you are in for a disappointment.

In the latest edition of the Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that while there was “chatter” about a body temperature sensor coming to the Apple Watch this year, talks about it has slowed down in recent times. Additionally, he says it won’t be surprising if glucose monitoring does not make it to Apple’s smartwatch until the “second half of the decade.” Even blood pressure monitoring is at least “two to three years away.”

A body temperature sensor could allow the Apple Watch to better track your sleep and fertility cycle and perhaps even detect fever down the line.

Apple has been reported to work on a number of health sensors for future Apple Watch iterations. However, they are all complex, which is why their launch timelines are constantly changing. For Apple Watch Series 8, the company is rumored to work on a feature to track hypertension. It is also working closely with UK-based startup Rockley Photonics on a non-invasive blood glucose monitor, which the latter unveiled last year.

While it would be cool to rely on the Apple Watch for glucose monitoring and body temperature measurement, these features are going to take some time to come to the wearable.

[Via Power On]