Here are all 153 Apple Watch emojis as animated GIFs

BY Killian Bell

Published 18 May 2015

emojis on Apple Watch

One of the most enjoyable ways to communicate via an Apple Watch is by using one of the many animated emojis that are pre-installed on the device. There are 153 in total that’ll help you express how you’re feeling, and you can download them all now as animated GIFs.

There are three types of Apple Watch emoji, according to Giga Applewhich has published all 153 of them; in addition to the smiley faces you’ll already be familiar with if you watched one of the Apple Watch events, there are also some animated hearts and a collection of “pantomime” emojis.

Many of the emojis are available in different colors, such as the smileys, which you can get in yellow and red; and the hearts, which are available in red, purple, and blue. Each one is already formatted as a GIF, so no conversion is necessary to see them on a computer or iOS device.

Here are a few of our favorites:

You can see and download all 153 Apple Watch emojis on Giga Apple via the link above. Bear in mind that they are split up into categories — smileys, hearts, and pantomime — over four pages to prevent browsers from crashing, so you’ll need to flick through to see them all.

Once you’ve downloaded them, you’ll be able to share them via email, SMS, instant messenger, and more without an Apple Watch.