How to Restore Apple Watch Using Your iPhone

BY Parth Shah

Published 23 Apr 2022

restore apple watch with iphone

Gone are the days when users needed to rush to the nearest Apple Authorised Service Center to get their bricked Apple Watch fixed. Starting with watchOS 8.5, you can restore your Apple Watch using your iPhone.

How to Restore Apple Watch Using your iPhone

Up until now, you have had to take your bricked Apple Watch to your nearest Apple Store or authorized repair shop to revive it. Following complaints from users, the company is finally allowing users to restore their dead Apple Watch using their iPhones.

Once you install the latest iOS 15.4 and watchOS 8.5 on your iPhone and Apple Watch, you can bring back your bricked wearable to life at home instead of taking it to your nearest Apple Store. If either of the devices is running an old OS build, you won’t be able to restore your Apple Watch using your iPhone.

You need to keep your iPhone unlocked, connected to Wi-Fi, and turn on Bluetooth during the process. Once meet these requirements, follow the steps below to troubleshoot the non-functional Apple Watch.

Step 1: Put your bricked Apple Watch on the charger.

Step 2: Your Apple Watch will show an animation to bring it closer to the iPhone.

Step 3: Once your place the Apple Watch near the iPhone, double-press the side button (the one below the Digital Crown) on Apple Watch.

Step 4: A pop-up would appear on iPhone with the Recover Apple Watch header. The message says, “There is a problem with this Apple Watch that requires it to be updated.”

Step 5: Tap Continue, follow the on-screen instructions and restore the Apple Watch.

place apple watch near iPhone

You should also check the connected Wi-Fi network on your iPhone. Connect to a 5.0GHz network frequency and not the slower 2.4GHz one for best results.

The recent addition is helpful for people living in areas where an Apple Authorised Service Center isn’t located nearby. Now, you can wirelessly connect and restore the Apple Watch using your iPhone.