How to Change Apple Watch Bands

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 20 May 2018

How to Change Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch is now three generations old but its design has stayed the same, including the notches for replacing the bands. And it’s safe to say that this tradition will continue for a couple of years. If you’ve got an Apple Watch, one of the best ways to accessorize is to change the bands.

You can wear a fancy Milanese loop on a night out, a leather band when you’re at work and a sports band when you’re working out. Apple itself sells dozens of bands but there are hundreds of cheaper alternatives available online. It’s not a crazy notion to have half a dozen Apple Watch bands and changing them based on your mood and time of day. And it’s quite easy to do! Apple has set up the system is in such a way that you can replace bands in just a couple of seconds! Here’s how.

How to Change Apple Watch Bands

Step 1: First, take your Apple Watch off your wrists.

Step 2: Turn it around and locate the two band release buttons on top and the bottom.

Apple Watch Change Bands 3

Step 3: Press and hold on one of the buttons and the band will come loose. Now just slide the band out of the Apple Watch enclosure.

Apple Watch Change Bands 2

Step 4: Do the same for the other side.

Step 5: Now, hold your new band and slide it in the empty space at the bottom or the top of the Apple Watch. Press and hold the band please button and slide the band in completely. You’ll hear a little click as the band snaps into place. Release the band release button once your band is secured. Do the same with the other band.

Apple Watch Change Bands 1

The Best Apple Watch Bands

Most of us have a boring black or white sports band. But there’s so much more out there. Go for a colorful blue or yellow Sports band. A velcro band Sports loop is a good balance between sporty and stylish.

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What are your favorite bands and apps for Apple Watch? Share with us in the comments below.