How to manually force close an Apple Watch app

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 2 May 2015


Hopefully you never have to force close an app on your Apple Watch, but sometimes glitches occur that require this last ditch measure. If you find yourself stuck inside an app that is malfunctioning, don’t panic as Apple has provided a quick and easy way to shut down the errant app and return you to your home screen. Read on to find out how to get yourself out this unfortunate and often frustrating situation. 

Shutting down a rogue app is easy once you know what to to do. It simply requires two successive presses of the side button of the Watch as follows:

  1. When the app is open, press and hold the Side button until the power down menu appears.
  2. When the power  menu comes to the forefront, release the button.
  3. Press the Side button a second time and hold it until the app shuts down and you are returned to the home screen.

Similar to iOS, the Watch OS manages apps and resources without your intervention, so you shouldn’t have to use this technique very often. However, it is useful in those rare circumstances when an app experiences an unexpected glitch and needs to be restarted.

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