How to transfer an incoming call from your Apple Watch to your iPhone

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 2 Jun 2015

The Apple Watch is a communication device, allowing you to both send and receive phone calls directly from your wrist. Unless you connect Bluetooth headphones, the Watch uses its built-in speaker and microphone to carry on all conversations. This speakerphone is convenient when you are at home, but it can be awkward when you are in a public place. 

If you want to prevent eavesdropping by random strangers around you, you can quickly and easily send your phone call from your Watch to your iPhone. Read on to find out how.

Transfer an Incoming Call

If your Watch starts to ring during an incoming call, you can forward the call to your iPhone and place the person on hold while you fish your iPhone out of your pocket or bag. Follow the instructions below when you have an incoming call:

1. While the Watch is ringing, scroll down using the Digital Crown until you see the “Answer on iPhone” button.answer-call-watch-iphone
2. Tap the “Answer on iPhone” button to place the call on hold. Note that the caller will hear a beeping noise while they are on hold.
3. Tap the Ping button if you need to locate your iPhone.
4. Once you find your iPhone, unlock your iPhone to answer the call.

Transferring an existing Watch call to the iPhone

If you’ve already answered a call and are talking on your Apple Watch, you can quickly transfer the call to your iPhone. How you perform this transfer depends on whether your iPhone is locked or unlocked.
If your iPhone is unlocked, you can simply tap the green “Touch to return to call” bar at the top of the screen. If your iPhone is locked, there will be a phone icon at the bottom left corner of the iPhone lock screen. Just swipe upwards on that icon to continue the call.

If you want to learn more about the Apple Watch, you can view additional tutorials on our Apple Watch Tips and Tricks page and our Apple Watch Guide page. If you have an area you would like to see covered in this ongoing series of Watch tutorials or have discovered your own handy tips or tricks, please share them in the comments.

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