iFixit Apple Watch Ultra Teardown: Rugged, But Not Easily Repairable

BY Sriansh

Published 27 Sep 2022

iFixit Apple Watch Ultra Teardown

iFixit recently posted the teardown video of the Apple Watch Ultra, calling it the Cupertino-giant’s latest innovation “beautiful, rugged, and almost repairable.”

While Apple Watch Ultra is the company’s first smartwatch to have external screws on the back, it’s still difficult to get to its internals. Fixing the watch as a whole is still challenging because of the screen. iFixit says there is a gasket underneath the display that serves as glue, holding the whole smartwatch in place.

It’s quite delicate and was immediately destroyed when the Watch’s backplate was taken off. Therefore, this component may need to be repaired by Apple or an Apple Accredited Service Provider to retain its 100-meter depth rating.

Additionally, accessing the battery and other components is tricky. The teardown also shows how much bigger the Apple Watch Ultra’s speaker array is than Series 8. Though you are unlikely to use those speakers for sirens, they should help with audio-driven apps and call quality.

Apple Watch Ultra Teardown Reveals Battery Capacity

Taking a closer look at the Apple Watch Ultra’s battery, the teardown confirms that it contains a 542 mAh battery, which is 76% larger than the Apple Watch Series 8’s 308 mAh battery.

Overall, the Apple Watch Ultra isn’t as easily repairable as the iPhone 14. Though you’ll have to take this to a pro repair shop if you land badly on this watch during a hike, iFixit is hopeful that the Watch Ultra represents a step in the right direction toward more repairable Apple watches.

Watch the full video here: