New iWatch Concept With Holographic Display

BY Jason

Published 28 Feb 2013


A few days back, The New York Times reported that Apple was working on an iOS-based smartwatch, a claim which was later corroborated by a number of other mainstream publications like The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

We’ve already seen patents and concepts that have given us a glimpse of what an iWatch may look like.

This latest iWatch concept seems to be straight from the “Minority Report.” It shows how some of the iPhone-like features could be implemented in the smartwatch with a holographic display.

The concept is so futuristic that even the makers of the YouTube video expect it to arrive only in 2019.

Rumors and speculation till now point to an Apple smartwatch running a custom build of iOS, with a 1.5 OLED inch screen. The device could use Bluetooth 4.0′s low energy mode to pair with iOS devices to fetch notifications and other alerts.

With more than 100 product designers working on the device, Apple’s iWatch would be much more than just a way to pull notifications off your iPhone. As former Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée says, an iWatch could make computing even more personal.

This concept reminded me of this awesome, but impossible iPhone concept.

Via: Mashable