What Do You Think About This MacBook Concept with Apple Pencil Support?

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 16 Aug 2021

Over the past years, MacBooks have come a long way. However, unlike the competition, MacBook still doesn’t offer a touchscreen. Last week, Apple filed a patent detailing MacBook with Apple Pencil support. Now, a designer has recreated MacBook with Apple Pencil concept.

Designer Sarang Sheth has collaborated with Yanko design and come up with Apple Pencil housed within MacBook. The Apple Pencil is placed where the Touch Bar used to be there.  The concept is based on the latest Apple patent revealed last week.

We couldn’t help but notice the attention to the details. The concept looks realistic and is something that we could see on a future MacBook. Furthermore, the concept pictures a small touch bar pushed towards top-left corner. The concept makes us wonder whether Apple will add a touchscreen to MacBook or just stylus support. Either way, it would be a welcome addition.

This year Apple is expected to unveil MacBook Pro with mini-LED. However, none of the reports or rumors mentioned anything about touchscreen or Apple Pencil support for MacBook. On a positive note, the patent indicates that Apple is serious about adding touchscreen/stylus support to Mac. Below is an excerpt from the patent.

A variety of handheld input devices are used to detect user input. For example, a stylus is often used to provide input by contacting a digitizer or touch-sensitive panel of an electronic device. The touch panel may include a touch-sensitive surface that, in response to detecting a touch event, generates a signal that can be processed and used by other components of the electronic device. A display component of the electronic device may display textual and graphical display elements representing selectable virtual buttons or icons, and the touch-sensitive surface may allow a user to navigate and change the content displayed on the display screen. Typically, a user can move one or more input devices, such as a stylus, across the touch panel in a pattern that the device translates into an input command. Some styluses can be touch- and force-sensitive to provide writing or drawing input to the electronic device.

Our Take

MacBooks are becoming increasingly powerful thanks to Apple’s new M-series chips. It could be the best time for Apple to add stylus support for Mac. Back in 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs explained why Apple is not interested in a touchscreen laptop. Jobs termed it “ergonomically terrible.” Even to this day, Apple loyalists are eagerly waiting for Mac with a touchscreen. What Do You Think About This Macbook Concept with Apple Pencil Support?

[via YankoDesign]