Some 2023 Mac Mini and MacBook Pro Models Have Decreased SSD Performance

BY Sriansh

Published 25 Jan 2023

M2 Mac mini review

Apple recently released the new M2 Mac mini and MacBook Pro models with M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets. While the new Mac models bring powerful chipsets compared to the previous generation, some tests have shown that some models of the new Macs have slower SSD read and write speeds compared to the previous generation.

Popular YouTuber Brandon Geekabit, in his new video, has revealed that the base model M2 Mac mini — which comes with 256GB storage — is equipped with only a single 256GB storage chip. While the previous M1 Mac mini also featured 256GB storage on the base model, it featured two 128GB storage chips, allowing for better speeds thanks to parallel read and write.

MacRumors ran a Blackmagic Disk Speed Test benchmarking app to test the SSD speeds of the new Mac mini and found that the read and write speeds of the new models are around 1,500 MB/s, — 30% to 50% slower than the equivalent previous-generation model. Similarly, as noted by 9to5Mac, the base-level M2 Pro MacBook Pro — which features 512GB of onboard storage — also has slower SSD speeds compared to the previous generation M1 Pro MacBook Pro.

So, if you’re considering purchasing the new Mac mini or the M2 Pro MacBook Pro, we recommend upgrading to at least the 512GB storage option on the Mac mini and 1TB on the MacBook Pro. While the device may perform well initially, a slower SSD can negatively impact file transfer speeds and overall performance over time. Apple Macs also rely on SSD space as virtual memory when physical RAM is maxed out, so it can impact the overall performance in the long run.

Source(s): MacRumors, 9to5Mac