The Apple Watch’s functionality in water gets detailed

BY Evan Selleck

Published 14 Jul 2015

Apple Watch in cup of water

The Apple Watch‘s water resistance has been a pretty hot topic ever since it was unveiled, and heated up after the device’s launch.

All sorts of tests have been run on the Apple Watch and its functionality when it comes into contact with water, whether it’s surviving jumps off diving boards, put in buckets, just going for a swim, or even going through the tests put on it from Consumer Reports. The general consensus seems to be that the Watch is pretty water resistant, but there’s always room for new looks.

Iconfactory’s Craig Hockenberry, an iOS developer, has put together a pretty lengthy report on the Apple Watch, his own usage, and how the device works in places like pools and the ocean. Hockenberry hasn’t been able to see any damage on his Apple Watch, even when it comes into contact with chlorine or salt water. Moreover, the report isn’t necessarily meant to find out whether or not the Apple Watch continues to work after it’s been submerged, but if the Watch continues to work while it’s in water, and can be used while it’s under.

The result indicates that the Watch’s capacitive touchscreen doesn’t function while under water, and the water can actually simulate other touches or swipes, making the Watch act erratically. Force Touch isn’t accessible while under water, either. Workouts have to be started before entering the water, and ended after one leaves the water, Hockenberry notes.

The full report is certainly worth checking out, especially if you’re a swimmer and want to use the Watch.

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