The best apps and games for new Apple TV

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 30 Oct 2015


The fourth generation Apple TV has started making its way to customers who pre-ordered it from today. It is also available for in-store purchase through Apple’s retail store and Best Buy.

When initially launched, the Apple TV was a side project for Apple and it showed. The product was neglected by the company and was never really reached its full potential. With Apple TV 4 though, this changes as Apple seems to be finally getting serious about offering the absolute best set-top box experience possible.

Compared to previous iterations of Apple TV, the fourth generation Apple TV runs on a new OS called tvOS that also has its own dedicated App Store and SDK. A dedicated App Store and SDK allows developers to create some amazing new apps for the device that can totally transform your TV watching experience. Even though the Apple TV 4 is making its way to customers from today, its App Store is already filled with some amazing apps and games.

To help cut the clutter and avoid the hassle of trying all the new apps and games launching for the Apple TV 4, we list down some of the best new apps and games available for the device for you.


icon Netflix

Netflix has to be among the top reasons behind you buying the Apple TV 4. With the service offering a plethora of quality TV shows and movies at your disposal, there is almost no reason for Netflix to not be the first app that you install on your new Apple TV.

Netflix is also among the selected few video sources that will be compatible with the universal search feature of Apple TV 4.

Download: Netflix


Even though Netflix has some great content, it is not going to be enough to fulfil all your TV watching needs. Hulu’s library consists of some major TV shows being broadcasted in the U.S., along with their previous seasons. The app is also better than that of Netlfix with an interface that is much easier to browse around using the Siri remote.

Download: Hulu

Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Evolved

Geometry Wars 3

If there is a game that you want to try out to see the graphics prowess and gaming potential of the Apple TV 4, it has to be Geometry Wars 3. The game, which is also available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac, features 3D vector graphics and an electronica soundtrack that can can keep you occupied for hours.

Activision is offering a single unified version of the app for iOS and Apple TV with cloud sync feature.

Download: Geometry Wars 3 ($2.99)

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Asphalt 8


Gameloft’s Asphalt 8 is among the most popular racing games in the App Store for the iPhone and iPad. To the delight of new Apple TV 4 owners, the company was quick to port over its game to Apple’s fourth generation set-top box. If there is a racing game that you should try out first on your Apple TV 4, it has to be Asphalt 8.

The game’s graphics will look impressive on your HDTV, and using the Siri remote as a controller is comparatively less painful in this game than it is in others. Thankfully, the game also features Bluetooth controller support so you can ditch the horrible Siri remote as your controller and use a third-party one. Due to the 200MB per-app download limit though, the load times of the game is pretty high on the Apple TV 4.

Download: Asphalt 8 (Free)

Shoot the Zombirds

Shoot the Zombirds

While using the Siri remote to play a shooting game on the Apple TV 4 is not going to be a pleasant experience, definitely give Shoot the Zombirds a try if you want to try out some casual shooting games on your new set-top box. You will be defending your little pumpkins against zombie’d birds using a crossbow, with various other obstacles coming your way all the time.

Download: Shoot the Zombirds ($0.99)

Alto’s Adventure

Alto's Adventure for Apple TV

One of the best games for iOS, Alto’s Adventure, is also making its way to Apple TV 4. The beautiful endless runner game with a physics-based gameplay will look even more beautiful on your HDTV.

The Apple TV version of the game is yet to go live on the App Store, though the developer had said that it will go live soon after the set-top box starts shipping. The game features support for both Siri remote an third-party controllers, and since it is a universal app, you only need to pay once for it. With support for cloud sync, you will also be able to easily carry over your progress from your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV 4 and vice versa.

Download: Alto’s Adventure ($2.99)



Unlike previous generations of Apple TV, the YouTube app no longer comes pre-loaded on Apple TV 4. Instead, you will have to download the app from the App Store. The positive side effect of this change is that Google will be able to regularly update the app with new features.

YouTube might not feature any TV shows or movies from major production houses from across the globe, but it still has plenty of content to keep you occupied for hours.

Download: YouTube

SketchParty TV

If you want to try out a multiplayer game on your new Apple TV 4, give SketchParty TV a shot. The game involves one team guessing what the other team is drawing. The game requires that your iPhone or iPad is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV 4 to work properly.

The iOS version of the app will work with Apple TV 4, though the update is yet to go live on the App Store at the time of writing this article.

Download: SketchParty TV ($6.99)

Galaxy on Fire Manticore Rising

Developer Deep Silver Fishlabs has worked closely to bring Manticore Rising on the large screen with the Apple TV 4. The graphic of the game have been optimised to take full advantage of the A8 chip inside the fourth generation Apple TV, and it shows. A testament to its quality can be seen from the fact that the game is showcased by Apple on the Apple TV 4 product listing page on its website.

Unlike other games in this list, Galaxy On Fire Manticore Rising is available exclusively only on the Apple TV 4.


HBO now

Netflix and Hulu might be good, but they don’t hold a candle to the shows that HBO Now has. HBO’s streaming service provides you with access to shows like Games of Thrones, True Detective, Entourage, and more.

No wonder Apple made sure HBO’s streaming service was exclusive to its devices when it first launched earlier this year.

Download: HBO Now


Plex app for Apple TV - Movies interface

Plex is easily among the most popular media center app out there. While running the app on previous versions of Apple TV required jailbreaking the device, thanks to tvOS, Plex can now natively run on Apple TV 4. The co-founder of Plex had already confirmed that an app for Apple TV 4 was in the works and should be released soon after the device went on sale. True to their words, the Plex app for Apple TV 4 was released earlier this week. The app allows you to stream your locally stored content from your PC or laptop to your TV, while managing your media library for you as well.

The app costs $4.99, but is universal, which means that if you have already purchased it for iOS, you can download and use it for free on Apple TV 4.

Download: Plex

Honorable mentions:

  • Airbnb
  • Periscope
  • Sling
  • Crackle
  • Okla’s Speedtest
  • 7 Minute TV Workout
  • Gaia
  • Houzz
  • On TV
  • Yummy
  • CBS
  • Manitcore Rising
  • Shadowmatic
  • Rayman Adventures
  • Air Wings
  • Almost Impossible!

What all apps and games have you tried on your new Apple TV 4 that have impressed you so far? Drop in a comment below and let us know.