Apple Announces 2022 Apple TV 4K With A15 Bionic Chip

BY Dave Johnson

Published 18 Oct 2022

2022 Apple TV 4K

Today, Apple announced its next-generation Apple TV 4K with an A15 Bionic chip, HDR10+ support, and a Siri Remote with a USB-C connector.

The new Apple TV device features the same design and function as the last generation: a small black box with a Siri Remote. However, the device’s internals has improved to ensure a seamless connection with more TVs. The prices are also more flexible. 

Two configurations of Apple TV 4K now exist — a $130 Wi-Fi-only model with 64GB base storage and a $150 Wi-Fi and Ethernet with 128GB base storage. The second configuration also offers Thread mesh networking protocol to connect more home accessories to the Apple TV. 

In its press release, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, Bob Borchers, said

“The new Apple TV 4K is unlike anything else out there, given its seamless connection to other Apple devices, ease of use, and access to amazing Apple content. It offers something for everyone in the family to love.”

Here are other features worth mentioning. 

Apple TV 4K With a Faster Processor and HDR10+ Support

The new Apple TV 4K’s processor significantly improved over its predecessor. 

With the new A15 Bionic chip, Apple says users can enjoy up to 50 percent CPU and 30 percent GPU performance over the previous model. As a result, the device should offer snappier UI animations, faster navigation, and an improved gaming experience. 

Besides the processor upgrade, Apple has added HDR10+ support to Dolby Vision for the best picture quality across more TVs. Here’s why that’s a big deal. 

Previous Apple TV 4K generations only support one HDR standard, Dolby Vision. Since Samsung TVs only support HDR 10+, the device could not deliver the best picture quality on the Samsung TV. Well, the new Apple TV addresses this issue. 

Apple’s press release reads:

“Apple TV 4K now supports HDR10+, in addition to Dolby Vision, expanding rich visual quality across more TVs, producing the eye-popping details and vibrant colors intended by content creators.” 

You can preorder both models of the Apple TV 4K now, and the devices will be available on November 4 in more than 30 countries.