watchOS 9 Makes It Easier to Type on Apple Watch Series 7 with QuickType

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 7 Jun 2022

Apple’s watchOS 9 update announced at WWDC 2022 packs several significant changes for fitness enthusiasts and those who like to customize their wearables. Although some improvements didn’t get screen time during the conference’s opening keynote, they could be a gamechanger for your everyday interactions with the Apple Watch.

Starting with watchOS 9, Apple Watch users will be able to use QuickType, a much-loved feature introduced on iOS 8. The change was first spotted by graphic designer Brahm Shank. In case you aren’t familiar, QuickType allows you to type faster. It is essentially a predictive text engine that suggests phrases that fit your sentence. On the Apple Watch’s tiny screen, it will surely save you time trying to type out an entire message.

QuickType will be available on the Apple Watch Series 7 by the time the wearable’s QWERTY keyboard will support new languages, thanks to watchOS 9. So, QuickType will also be available for users who communicate in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. To recall, last year, Apple’s Alan Dye explained why the Apple Watch Series 7 has a screen larger than older Apple Watches.

“Since the first Apple Watch, text input has been critical and a huge challenge,” Dye said. “We always wanted a QWERTY keyboard and this new display enabled that and enabled it in a way that we think we could deliver the feature in incredibly usable and powerful way. Designing the new keyboard was really quite a challenge. So, we made some important decisions. One thing we did was we removed the bezels from the keys, those little outlines to help make it feel a little less cramped. And to imply that precision isn’t critical with your taps because of the intelligence behind the keyboard.”

With QuickType and watchOS 9, it will soon be easier to type on the Apple Watch.