New 10.5 and 12.9 Inch iPad Pros (2017): 10 Features You Need to Know about Apple’s New iPad Pros

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 23 Jun 2017

10 Things to Know About the new 10.5 and 12.5 inch iPad Pros

The 2nd generation of iPad Pros (2017) are now shipping. And this time, both models are identical except for the screen size. This is a much-appreciated change from the previous generation. Now, you just need to decide how big of an iPad Pro you need and you’re not making any other tradeoffs. The 9.7 inch iPad Pro is replaced by a new size – 10.5 inches. The new mainstream iPad Pro has thinner bezels but still maintains the same weight and thinness.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pros before you decide which one is right for you.

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1. 20% Larger Screen with 10.5 inch Model

The new 10.5 inch iPad Pro replaces the last year’s 9.7 inch model. This time around, the smaller iPad Pro has a 20% larger screen and has a new resolution – 2224 by 1668 that still comes in at 264 PPI, which is in line with other iPads.

Even though the screen is bigger, there’s not much difference in the weight and thickness. The weight is still under 1 pound. The new 10.5 inch iPad is taller and as thinner side bezels. The 12.9 inch iPad still looks the same.

2. New 6 Core A10X Fusion Chip

The new A10X Fusion chip that’s present in both iPad Pros is a beast. It has a 6 core processor – 3 high frequency and 3 low. The 3 passive cores are useful for background processes and for when you’re not pushing your iPad Pro. And when you do decide to push your iPad Pro, man is it going to fly. Benchmarks for the new A10X chips are out and they’re absolutely bonkers.

The A10X processors in both iPad Pros are clocked at 2.39 GHz. In single core GeekBench benchmark, the 10.5 inch iPad Pro scores 3951. That’s compared to 3007 points in the previous 9.7 inch iPad Pro.

Geekbench iPad Pro single core scores

The Multi-core performance is off the charts. The new iPad Pro scores a mighty 9332 points. Blowing away last year’s iPad Pro at 5088 and even beating the 2016 MacBook Pro which came in at 8509.

It’s clear when it comes to performance, there’s no tablet that comes close.

3. 12 Core GPU

The new iPad Pros come with a 12 core GPU which provides a 40% gain in graphics performance over the A9X chip.

4. 4 GB RAM

Both iPads now come with 4 GB of RAM across the board. The last generation 9.7 inch iPad Pro only got 2 GB of RAM.

5. 120 Hz Screen Refresh Rate and ProMotion

The new iPads come with all-new display technology that Apple calls ProMotion. The screen now refreshes at a 120 Hz which is double than that of the previous iPad Pros. This makes scrolling on the new iPads unreal. It’s so smooth that you can even read text while scrolling.

What’s even more interesting is that the new iPad Pros have variable refresh rates. Meaning, the iPad Pros can refresh at different rates depending on what’s on the screen and how you’re interacting with it. If you’re just swiping on the Home screen, the screen will refresh at a lower rate. But if you’re scrolling on a page in Safari or playing a game, the refresh rate will go up.

Along with ProMotion, the 12.9 inch iPad Pro also gets the True Tone technology that changes the color temperature of the screen depending on your surrounding. Both iPads also support P3 wide color technology and the brightness has been increased to 600 nits.

6. Down to 20 MS Pencil Latency

The new screens still sample the Apple Pencil at 240 Hz. But as the screen refresh rate is now 120 Hz, the latency on the Pencil has been reduced by a lot. From 50 MS on the previous iPad Pros to 20 MS on the new ones. And all of this without ever changing the Apple Pencil hardware.

7. iPhone 7 Cameras

Both iPad Pros get iPhone 7’s single camera setup. On the back, is the 12 MP shooter that comes with optical image stabilization and 4K video recording. Front facing camera is now 7 MP. The 12.9 inch iPad Pro also gets a LED flash.

8. Up To 512 GB of Flash Storage

The storage tiers are also changed. They’re now 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. Yes, you can now get half a TB of storage on an iPad!

9. Fast Charging

While this is not supported with the bundled charger, you can buy new hardware to charge your iPad way faster. Both the iPads support fast charging using USB-C but to get this setup, you’ll need to buy a 29W power adaptor from Apple ($49) as well as a USB-C to Lightning cable ($35). Expensive upgrade yes, but worth it if you want to reduce the charging time by up to half.

10. Touch ID 2 on Both iPad Pros

Both iPad Pros come with the much faster Touch ID 2 sensors that are found in iPhone 6s and higher. This should improve the unlock times substantially.

Bonus: Apple SIM Support

The new iPad Pros also get support for the embedded Apple SIM in the Cellular models. The physical SIM slot is still there. The embedded Apple SIM lets you sign up for and use different cellular networks without bothering of physically changing cards.

Which iPad Pro Are You Getting?

The pricing for the new 12.9 inch iPad Pro is the same as before (starting at $799 for the Wi-Fi model). But the new 10.5 inch model gets new prices. It now starts at $649 for the 64 GB model Wi-Fi model and goes up to $1079 for the 512 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular option.

After iOS 11 comes out, the new iPad Pros will become a lot more useful and the hardware might actually reach its full potential.

Are you excited about the new iPad Pros? Which one are you going to get? Share with us in the comments below.