New 11-inch iPad Pro Leaked at Local Target Store

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 10 Mar 2021

Target employee has inadvertently leaked Apple’s upcoming 11-inch iPad Pro. The company could launch 11-inch iPad Pro by the end of this month. Yet another rumor says the new iPad Pro will come equipped with a mini-LED display.

A Redditor has uploaded a picture of new iPad Case from Speck discovered at the local Target shop. The case cover has a lot of information on it and also mentions it is designed for 11-inch iPad. When the customer approached biling counter he was informed the case is not for sale and it should not have been on the shelf. In other words, the Target employee mistakingly stocked the case.

Target leaked the new iPad to me, when I tried to buy this case it errored and said “This item can’t be sold until 4/06” and an employee told me that item shouldn’t have been on the floor yet.

The Speck case doesnt reveal much about the new iPad Pro. All it does is confirms an 11-inch iPad Pro for perhaps later this year. Interestingly, there is a separate reference to the device further indicating that it might be a new lineup. Apple is also expected to launch the 12.9-inch iPad Pro later this month.

The base iPad comes equipped with a 10.5-inch display while the new iPad Pro goes for a 11-inch display. However, it is not just about display size, the Pro model will most definately be higher speeced than the base iPad. Furthermore, the new iPad Pro seems perfect if you find the 12.9-inch display to be too large. Apple is rumored to host an event on March 23 and perhaps the 11-inch iPad Pro will be launched as well.

[via Reddit]