Apple Announces 2021 Apple Design Award Winners

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 10 Jun 2021

apple 2021 design awards

Every year, Apple announces Design Award winners highlighting apps that have an exceptional design. Since there was no physical WWDC event this time around too, Apple announced 2021 Design Award winners via a press release today. The company has highlighted twelve apps and games for their outstanding and creative design.

Apple announced the finalists for the Design Awards earlier this month. And now, the company has announced the winners. Below are the twelve apps and games that have won the 2021 Apple Design Award.

  • Inclusivity
    • Voice Dream Reader – One of the best text-to-speech app that can read any digital document in over 24 languages.
    • HoloVista – A game in which you try to get hired at an architectural company by taking pictures of objects in AR and VR.
  • Delight & Fun
    • Little Orpheus – One of the Apple Arcade games to make to this list. It “brings easy controls, excellent storytelling, and a console-like experience to a casual game.”
    • Pok Pok Playroom – An app in which kids use their imaginations to build, experiment, learn and grow with toys.
  • Interaction
    • CARROT Weather – One of the best Weather apps on the iOS App Store that tells you the weather forecast in a humorous yet witty way.
    • Bird Alone – In this game, you become best friends with a bird and develop your way through your friendship.
  • Social Impact
    • Be My Eyes – This app enables blind people to see what’s around them by identifying objects through the camera.
    • Alba: A Wildlife Adventure – Another Apple Arcade game that makes it to the list. In this game, you play as Alba and explore the Mediterranean wildlife.
  • Visuals and Graphics
    • Loóna – This app helps you stay calm and helps you sleep.
    • Genshin Impact – This game needs no introduction. Genshin Impact is another action role-playing game but the main reason why it’s won the award is its “far-reaching landscapes that push the visual frontier for mobile gaming.”
  • Innovation
    • NaadSadhana – This is an all-in-one, studio-quality music app that helps you practice Indian classical singing.
    • League of Legends: Wild Rift – “League of Legends: Wild Rift” takes a complex PC game and delivers its full experience on mobile.

All of the above apps make use of various Apple technologies like ARKit, Spatial audio, haptics, Metal engine, and more to deliver an immersive and superior experience.

Do you use any of the apps and games mentioned above on your iPhone or iPad? If so, what makes them stand out from other apps as per you? Let us know in the comments section below!