Android’s New ‘Lyric Explainer’ Implores Apple to Adopt RCS for iMessage

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 20 Jun 2022

Since earlier this year, Google and its executives have been pressuring Apple to adopt Rich Communication Services (RCS) for the Messages app. The search giant’s latest tweet through the official Android Twitter account is another attempt to get Apple to adopt RCS.

Interestingly, the new tweet posts a short “lyric explainer video” for Drake’s “Texts Go Green.” The “unofficial” video tries to explain the meaning of Drake’s song from the album “Honestly, Never Mind.” The album is about how one needs to move on and overcome a toxic relationship. The song’s title and lyrics refer to how blue iMessage bubbles turn into green ones when an iPhone user is blocked.

The video requests “some super talented engineering team Apple to change this for the better.

RCS is touted as the successor of SMS messaging. It boasts support for higher resolution image and video sharing, voice messages, larger file sizes, improved encryption, and more. Earlier this year, we reported that Google’s SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer tried encouraging Apple to adopt RCS. Apple is one of the last Big Tech companies which hasn’t switched to RCS. Meanwhile, most major carriers in the US have switched to RCS.